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Expert Claims Money Behind Rise In Computer Viruses

Money is the driving factor behind the rise in computer viruses this year, a security expert has claimed.

Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, said that criminals are increasingly scamming money from unsuspecting web users through the use of malware and viruses designed to steal user names, passwords and credit card information.

He added that the company registered 60,000 new malware every single day, one for every second during the day.

Cluley said in a statement: "It's designed to break into your bank account, to steal your identity, your credit card information, your passwords."

“Businesses tend to be better protected than home users, because they have more to lose and will have experts in the team. As we put more data on computers there is a bigger treasure trove for criminals to try to steal from.”

Cluley also advised businesses needed to train their staff on how to ward off hackers trying to access their networks.