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Google Earth 6 Gets Seamless Street View And 3D Trees

Google has announced the release of the latest version of its digital atlas service Google Earth 6.

The company said in a blog post that with the new Google Earth 6 will have a more realistic virtual experience with the new additional features including deeper Street View integration and 3D trees. Users will also be able to easily explore historical imagery.

Google hopes that 3D trees will offer a more realistic experience. Dozens of tree species have been included on the service, ranging from the Japanese Maple to the East African Cordia.

According to the company, full integration with Street View means that users will be able to easily explore a particular area or city simply by zooming down the street.

Google has provided Pegman alongside navigational controls. so that when users see blue highlighted streets, they can drag Pegman to a specific part of the street to zoom to it.

“Once there, you can use the navigation controls or your mouse to look around. And unlike our earlier Street View layer, you can now move seamlessly from one location to another as if you’re walking down the street by using the scroll-wheel on your mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard,” the company explained.