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Monthly Review - November 2010

In a new newsletter on One Mobile Ring we are rounding up the monthly happenings of the mobile world, whilst at the same time highlighting the top stories of each and every week.


November 1st - 5th

The first week of the month began with One Mobile Ring reporting that Acer had unveiled a new Liquid Android mobile, where WIFI has come to the London Underground. Orange also announced their Samsung Galaxy Tab prices and we published exclusive pictures of the BlackBerry Bold 9780.

Earlier in the week Vodafone also unveiled their Samsung Galaxy Tab costs, where we reported that Sony Ericsson has updated their Android handsets and Vodafone revamped their pay as you go rewards.

Midweek we noted the details of the launch of the JCB new tough phones, the Tradesman, Sitemaster, Pro and Pro-Talk. Towards the end of the week, Vodafone updated their BlackBerry pay as you go range and LG launched their Android budget ‘Froyo' handset - where we published a walk-through in both images and video.

The biggest story of the week came from Samsung Galaxy Tab arriving on November 1st, with Vodafone and Orange.

Vodafone's Galaxy Tab arrived on Vodafone on monthly tariffs that range from £3, with £2 a day for a 500MB data allowance. This escalates to £10 a month, which is accompanied by 1GB of internet usage, this in turn increases to a £15 a month tariff for 3GB which culminates on 5GB for £25.

Samsung‘s Galaxy Tab is a 7-inch TFT LCD touch screen display, running the latest version of Google's mobile OS with the Samsung TouchWIZ UI.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab will be available on Orange in both a 30-day and 12-month price plans.

The lowest cost for the Galaxy Tab with Orange is £499, on a £15 a month Dolphin tariff that's accompanied by a 1GB data allowance which can be used at any time.

There is also another 1GB data bundle included, which can only be used between 12am and 4pm - this package has unbundled BT Openzone access too.

The highest cost of the Galaxy Tab on Orange is £529, on the Orange Racoon 30 day contract with a 500MB data allowance for just £5 a month.


November 8th - 12th

The second week of the month started with One Mobile Ring reporting that the Samsung Galaxy S has received the latest Android OS, along with the BBC iPlayer arriving on BlackBerry phones. Early on in the week Carphone Warehouse started selling a 99p pay as you go phone, where the Samsung Galaxy Tab went on sale for £2,700.

Midweek, a new version of Opera arrived for Android handsets and the Motorola Defy pitched up at Carphone Warehouse, with the Google search app turning up for Windows Phone 7 Towards the end of the week, Vodafone added new handsets to their Christmas range and LG updated the first Optimus handset, where the Palm Pre 2's arrival date was announced.

The big news of the week came on the very last day, where the Palm Pre and Palm Pre Plus successor - the Palm Pre 2 - was unveiled to be going on sale SIM free and unlocked.

In the past O2 exclusively sold the Palm Pre handset, where it was believed by taking on this phone lost them the rights to solely sell the iPhone.

The Palm Pre 2 is available directly from the Palm UK website, with a cost attached of £399 where there's been no news from any network that any of them will be carrying the phone.


November 15th - 19th

The third week of the month began with One Mobile Ring reporting that designer BlackBerrys have gone on sale for £1000, whilst the mobile phone network Three offered free access to The Times websites and Vodafone updated HTC Legend handsets running on their network to Android 2.2.

Early on in the week LG announced they've sold one million LG One phones, Research In Motion produced a video of the BlackBerry PlayBook vs Apple iPad and we published pictures of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 being unboxed.

Towards the end of week the World's easiest to use phone arrives and Virgin Mobile offered the latest Nokia handset, on a low cost tariff and Google enabled their document editor for use in mobile browsers.

The most significant news story of the week came from Three announcing they are providing free access to The Times websites, for new mobile broadband customers.

This offer is for the first three months of using the broadsheets' on-line ‘pay-wall' service, which includes free access to and with the regular £2 a week fee attached then onwards.

Three's Times promotion is for new customers only, who have signed up between November 1st and 31st March 2011 - when this offer ends.

After the initial free three months there's a monthly fee attached of £8.66 for contract customers who still want to view the websites, although prepay customers who top-up with just £10 a month will still continue to have free access to and


November 22nd - 26th

The last week of the month started off with One Mobile Ring reporting the Motorola Milestone 2 has gone on sale, where Nokia launched two new low-cost handsets. Towards the beginning of the week Orange and T-Mobile announced they will be selling the iPad on a tariff, Apple updated their iOS to version 4.2 and Nokia started selling their latest touch and type handset.

Midweek, Acer unveiled a 4.8-inch screen Android phone and towards the end of the week - Opera final arrived for Symbian, Nokia's C6-01 became available online and Three joined EverythingEverywhere in selling the iPad on a tariff

The big news of the week surrounded Apple, with Orange, T-Mobile and Three all announcing they will soon be selling the iPad on a tariff.

Both parts of EverythingEverywhere made public early on in the week they will soon be retailing the Apple iPad tablet, at a reported subsidised price on a tariff.

No details were unveiled as to what the final cost of the Apple iPad will be with Orange or T-Mobile, although it was believed to be around the £200 price mark - below half the cost of the Apple store's starting price for the device SIM free and unlocked.

The Apple iPad has a 9.7-inch 1024×786 resolution touch screen, which runs a similar operating system found on the iPhone handsets. The tablet computer arrives running a 1Ghz processor, with both WIFI and 3G connectivity on the model thought to be sold by Orange.

Towards the end of the week Three joined EverythingEverywhere, by announcing they too will also be selling the Apple iPad tablet in the next coming months - at a more affordable price, when bought on a contract.

Three has yet to announce what the final cost of the Apple iPad will be, just as the two parts of EverythingEverywhere didn't earlier on in the week.

Orange has one of the lowest costs attached to the iPhone 4 at £229, where the same handset costs just £99 with Three.

Three offers that 16GB iPhone 4 on a £30 contract, with 300 minutes, 5,000 text message and 1500MB data allowance.

One Mobile Ring believed Three's subsidised iPad will be a lower cost than the reported £200 with Orange, whilst also being tied to a similar contract which their iPhone 4 currently runs from.

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