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Sony PlayStation Move Sales Hit 4.1 Million Worldwide

Sony has sold over 4.1 million PS Move motion sensing controllers worldwide since release in September.

The company said that the figure does not include sales of the Navigation controller or the PlayStation Eye camera.

Sony said in a statement: "The milestone was reached in just two months since its release in September for North America, Europe/PAL territories and Asia, and 1 month since the release in October for Japan.”

"The number not only shows clear success of the launch of the new motion sensing controller but also indicates positive momentum going in to the holiday season and to the year 2011."

The PS Move is currently compatible with over 25 PS3 titles in the UK and Europe, with new titles set to be released early next year.

The news follows gaming rival Microsoft announcing that Kinect sales have hit 2.5 million units within 25 days of its launch and that it is on target to reach its goal of selling five million before Christmas.