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Toshiba Considering Google TV Launch

Japanese consumer electronics giant Toshiba is said to be considering launching Google TV-enabled sets.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the company is planning to launch Google TV products in the US before launching them world wide as it wants to test the market.

Google TV aims to combine traditional cable TV with the internet, allowing people to access apps and watch online content from their homes with one device.

Toshiba would be joining rivals Sony and Logitech in releasing Google TV equipped devices.

Google TV, the search giant's ambitious effort to break into the television market, has not gone down as well as hoped with the public.

Sony has been forced to slash the prices of Google TV sets across its range and Logitech has so far refused to release information on the number of Revue boxes it has sold since launch.

It is still not clear when the first Google TV products will be available for purchase in the UK, but the search giant has announced plans for a global release sometime in the future.