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Virgin Media To Install Broadband Services For Persimmon Homes

Virgin Media will install cable infrastructure in houses built by property developer Persimmon Homes, thereby facilitating the rollout of cable broadband, TV and landline telephony services.

According to the Independent, the deal concerns thousands of new properties and will allow occupants to enjoy these services from the very day they move in.

The deal is Virgin Media's first big announcement and could be the first of many especially as Virgin Media's director of sales for new build says that it is cheaper and easier than digging the roads.

This is because cable infrastructure can be more easily installed in newly built homes purchased off the plans in densely populated areas.

For Persimmon, it could mean an additional sweetener for the customer, one which could close a few deals, especially for customers who demand TV, broadband and telephony as soon as possible.

Virgin Media is set to release a 100Mbps broadband service by the end of the year, one which will surpass the company's fastest service but only cost £5 extra per month.