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Virgin Media Releases Screenshots of Upcoming TiVO service

Virgin Media has released three screenshots depicting the user interface of its upcoming connected TV service, which will be powered by TiVO hardware.

According to, the first screenshot details the main menu of the highly awaited service.

The main menu contains links to the TV guide, catch-up and on-demand services, a search and browse function, access to apps and games and the ability to view recordings.

The second screenshot explains the search feature that comes with the service. The screenshot shows results of a search conducted with the letter 'J', which yields results for movies like 'Julia and Julia', 'Juno' and songs by Justin Bieber.

The third and the last screenshot displays the programme details for the popular animated series 'Family Guy'. The page gives a short description of the show and provides links to watching the whole series, recording the next episode and watching available episodes.

Cindy Rose Virgin Media's Digital Executive said that the company's fibre optic broadband and TV service will:"blow other connected TV products out of the water".

Pocketlint claims that the new service will be launched in December.