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Virgin "Project" iPad Magazine Launches on App Store

Virgin has released the first edition of its brand new iPad only magazine "Project" on the App Store.

According to Thinq, the first edition of the magazine features Jeff Bridges and a feature on upcoming film Tron Legacy. The magazine will be packed with interactive features, complete with videos and web links.

Users can get hold of the iPad-only magazine by downloading a free reader application and paying £1.79. Virgin is luring users by offering a month's worth of content for free.

Chris Bell of Project Magazine wrote in a blog post: “Whether it changes the fortunes of the written word remains to be seen; built into any new launch these days is the largely optimistic hope that people still exist who like reading stuff, and don’t mouth the words as they’re doing so.”

News Corporation owner Rupert Murdoch is also embracing Apple's tablet as a media source after recently announcing the creation of an iPad only newspaper called "The Daily".