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WikiLeaks under new DoS attack

UPDATE: 14:45 GMT In the last half hour, WikiLeaks reported that the the DDoS attack against it has now reached a massive 10 gigabits per second.

The whistle-blowing group's main site appears unaffected, but, the site hosting its Cablegate US diplomatic wires, has been encountering problems.

A real-time log of the attack on the site is available here.

The group also reports that China has blocked access to the site.

Whistle-blowing site WikiLeaks has said that it is under a renewed Denial of Service attack.

The announcement came in a post at 12:04 GMT to followers on micro-blogging site Twitter.

There's no word as yet as to who is behind the attack, which follows a DoS assault against the group's main site,, on Sunday, launched by self-styled 'hacktivist for good' calling himself th3j35t3r ('The Jester').

The attack came hours before the site made public its 'Cablegate' leak of more than 250,000 US diplomatic communications.

The patriotic hacker laid claim to Sunday's attack on Twitter. So far neither he nor anyone else had owned up to today's attack.

At the time of writing, the site is still accessible from the UK.

More news as soon as we have it.