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Gran Turismo 5 Damage Patch Coming Soon

Despite only being launched last week, Gran Turismo 5 is to receive yet another patch, with the latest one set to focus on improving damage modelling.

Currently car damage is dependant on in-game experience, meaning that as a player progresses more realistic crashes are made available - a feature that has been met with much criticism from fans.

According to CVG, Polyphony Digital boss Kaz Yamauchi has said that the update will address these issues, saying that the update could see a drop-down menu allowing players to manually select damage severity introduced.

He tweeted to a fan: “Mechanical damage options will be implemented in a new update for GT5 coming ‘early December’”.

Sony had released the first Gran Turismo 5 patch to fix reported delays in single player caused by congestion in the online multiplayer .over the weekend.

Despite the multiple delays and glitch-hit launch, Gran Turismo 5 still knocked Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops off the top of the UK gaming charts after being released to glowing reviews.