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How Much Will Virgin Media TiVo Box Cost?

We already know that the Virgin Media TV service, powered by TiVo, will begin to roll out from mid-December and that the standard price of the package will be £199 for the box itself.

There will be a standard installation cost of £40 plus users will be expected to pay £26.50 per month (plus a Virgin phone line) for the XL TiVo package which comes with over 160 channels.

Without the Virgin landline, costs will creep up to £32.50 per month. In contrast, Virgin TV XL package (opens in new tab) with the V+ HD box costs £23.50 pre month with a phone line with a HD activation of £49 and no cost for the box.

There are rumours that VIP and users on triple play services that include XL TV will get the TiVo box for free and will not need to pay an install fee while those on XL only will get the box for £189 including installation and £3 per month fee over an above the TV XL package.

The new service will be rolled across the country in early 2011 and prospective customers can already register their interest here (opens in new tab).

We've been told that existing customers will be served in priority as well as staff because "they’re so important in helping customers understand and appreciate what is a complete revolution in home entertainment".

In the new year, Virgin Media will scale the installation process and the TiVo box will be more widely available throughout the country.

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