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Netflix Partner Level 3 Slams Comcast 'Toll Booth'

Level 3 Communications, the company responsible for delivering Netflix streaming videos, has accused US ISP Comcast setting up a "toll both" for carrying data on its network to customers.

According to Business Week, Federal Communications Commission chairman Julius Genachowski has said that the organisation will be looking into the allegations made by Level 3 against Comcast.

Level 3's assistant chief legal officer John Ryan said in a statement to Reuters: “Our interest is in preserving and protecting openness and innovation within the Internet, which is threatened if those who control access to subscribers can charge a toll set at their discretion for delivery of independent content and applications.”

The Level 3 complaint comes at a time when Comcast is hoping to get approval from the FCC regarding its merger with NBC Universal, which could result in delays. However, Comcast has claimed that the complaint should have no bearing on its merger approval.