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News@10: Father Of British Computing Dies, iPhone Phishing Risks & Blunkett Pentagon Hacker

Sir Maurice Wilkes, the ‘father’ of British computing has died aged 97. Wilkes was famed for building EDSAC (Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator), an early computer that provided the template for the British computing industry.

A flaw has been discovered in Apple's Safari web browser on the iPhone that could easily allow hackers to redirect unsuspecting users to a phishing website. Security expert Nitesh Dhanjani has discovered a UI feature on the Safari web browser that allows the mobile website to hide the URL bar of the browser after rendering the website.

Former UK Home Secretary David Blunkett has called for British hacker Gary McKinnon to be tried in the US via video link. On Tuesday, Blunkett told the Commons home affairs select committee that the UK and the US should come to an agreement whereby McKinnon, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome in 2008, can be tried in the US using technology that allowed him to remain in the UK.

Virgin Media will install cable infrastructure in houses built by property developer Persimmon Homes, thereby facilitating the rollout of cable broadband, TV and landline telephony services. According to the Independent, the deal concerns thousands of new properties and will allow occupants to enjoy these services from the very day they move in.

Sales of Plasma and LCD Television sets that come with 3D are significantly better than those of High Definition ones in the first 12 months after they were available. Futuresource Consulting reports that up to 120,000 3D TVs are expected to be sold in the UK by the end of the year with an additional 550,000 in 2011.