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Survey Reveals eBook Readers Prefer The iPad

A recent survey, conducted by market research company ChangeWave, has revealed that consumers are choosing Apple's iPad as their preferred ebook reader over the Amazon Kindle.

According to Beta News, the survey indicates that the Kindle holds a "diminishing lead" over the iPad in the eReader sector and iPad's presence in the market has doubled since August.

Beta News also stressed that it would be wrong to compare dedicated ebook readers like the Kindle and the Nook with the iPad, as Apple's device allows users to do other things aside from reading ebooks. Both the Kindle and the Nook are dedicated eReaders and have no other extra functions.

The survey also failed to ask the respondents about the type of software they use for reading ebooks on their iPads and smartphones.

According to ChangeWave, 75 per cent of iPad users were satisfied with their device compared to the 54 per cent of Kindle users who were satisfied with theirs.