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Virgin Media TiVo : More About The Set Top Box

We now know a little bit more about Virgin Media TiVo Box, the one that is at the heart of Virgin Media's TV service, with a little help of our inhouse search gremlins.

We know that the box is manufactured by Cisco (you can see the network giant's logo at the back) and is almost certainly a custom made version of the Cisco 8485DVB which is a HD hybrid digital video recorder and media server that's aimed at terrestrial content and support video over DOCSIS.

The box has a single SCART port, a cable port, one HDMI port, a card slot, what looks like two USB ports and one digital optical out as well. The USB may allow users to connect external hard disk drives (like in the US) and to charge USB-powered devices as well.

We haven't yet seen the box in flesh but we expect it to be lightweight given that the components inside will need plenty of space to cool down. Note that the top of the box has gaps to allow air to circulate freely.

Sadly, the front of the box is uninspiring; no LCD or LED screen, only five lights and a number of buttons to help users through basic commands should the remote control go AWOL or if its battery die out.

As for the hardware inside, we know that there's a 1TB hard disk drive (capable of storing up to 500 hours of SD programmes), three tuners (one of which won't be enabled until sometimes in 2011) and a System on Chip from MIPS that's powerful enough to handle the resource-hungry Adobe Flash user interface.

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