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Virgin Media Unveils More Details About TiVo Service

Virgin Media has provided more details today about its Virgin Media TV service, one that it calls UK's first next-generation entertainment platform and will use TiVo technology as its foundation.

A completely new set top box, one that comes with its own dedicated 10Mbps modem and a 1TB hard disk drive, will be used to provide a platform with guaranteed quality of service regardless of the content simply because it will use dedicated channels of bandwidth.

This means that households' broadband connections won't be throttled or affected should users start watching bandwidth hungry 3D or HD content; this is especially true since the new TiVo box will allow recordings on two tuners while being able to watch a third one.

The box, Virgin Media says, will be automatically updated with new features and functionality as and when they become available. But it is the software platform that is set to be crown jewel; it has a smart recommendation engine that suggests programmes to customer and a much better search feature.

Users will also be able to create a list which will automatically record content linked to a particular show, theme, actor or director; a bit like series-link but much better.

Even more interesting is the presence of an App Store, similar to that of the iPhone or Android, one which is built on Adobe Flash and will bring a number of applications to your STB, essentially converting it into a more intelligent device.