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Visiontek’s Killer HD 5770 NIC’n’GPU card

Bigfoot Networks, together with AMD partner Visiontek, has come up with a 2-in-1 graphics-card-made-NIC that embeds a Killer 2100 NIC onto a Radeon HD 5770 graphics card. The resulting crossing of technologies will appeal to multiplayer gamers above all.

The card, dubbed the "Visiontek Killer" (poor choice of name, considering the implications) doubles as high-performance network card and graphics card.

Technically the network chip is called an Bigfoot Networks Killer E2100 ("E" standing for Embedded), and is in itself a 400MHz ARM processor. The GPU is a regular Radeon HD 5770 - although information on clock speeds is absent from the company's info.

The card's double dual-link DVI connectors plus HDMI output provide connection to multiple displays (and 7.1 audio, if needed, via the HDMI), and a single six-pin PEG is required to power the card.

Visiontek and Bigfoot Networks are calling the card an "online gaming upgrade card", but it's more likely that LAN games will reap the benefits by shaving the milliseconds of your reaction time in those multiplayer games.

Also, despite LANboxes not being as popular as they were a few years ago, the ability to build a compact system while maximising airflow inside a smaller box has been greatly cherished by LAN gamers - and the Killer HD 5770 might appeal to that lot.

The card does look like there are two PCBs doing a horizontal mambo, but that's really just a big annoying dual-slot cooler. The Bigfoot Killer NIC is actually embedded on the main PCB, along with the GPU.

The card carries a price tag of $199 in the US. UK pricing isn't yet available.