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WikiLeaks hacker raided by the cops

A self-styled 'hacktivist for good' who claimed to have carried out the denial of service attacks which took down WikiLeaks over the weekend has been raided by police.

A posting on The Jester's Blog says:

"So much for being quiet around here. The fire is starting to stir. As many of you already are aware my door was kicked in and all of my equipment was seized. The weird thing is it was the local sheriff's office not the government. Hmmm.

"In the mean time, my email and WordPress accounts are probably jeopardized so I decided to launch on my own server since nothing can be trusted at this time. I still have copies of all utilities, code, and web backups.

"I will keep everyone posted as things start to unfold. I am not sure what's going to happen, no charges have been filed as of yet. Thanks for all your support!"

It's not clear whether the raid was part of an ongoing action on the part of local law enforcement or was prompted by the DoS attack on whistle-blowing outfit WikiLeaks. Either way, the fact that WikiLeaks was unavailable for several hours on Sunday and again on Tuesday is of little consequence as the dossier of 250,000 or more secret Government wires had already been distributed to newspapers all over the world.

The Jester, who has previously attacked militant jihadist web sites, is now trying to raise the $10,000 in lawyer's fees he reckons he'll need to get out of this particular pickle.