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Global iPad iPlayer Project Shows Shift In BBC "Paid-For" Strategy

It is certainly a coincidence that BBC's Jana Bennett is moving to a new role as president of BBC Worldwide at the same time that the corporation has announced that it will be launching a global version of the BBC iPlayer App for the iPad in 2011.

The common thread is obviously money; Bennett has been the one credited with making of BBC Worldwide one of the biggest and most respected content producers in the world and the iPad is being seen by News Corp, Virgin and many others as the saviour of quality, paid-for journalism.

There's a clear indication that the Beeb has decided to weaning off its dependency on the TV Licence; the BBC's latest annual report shows that £3.56 billion was spent in the FY 2009/2010 on TV, Radio, online and other costs at the BBC.

The bulk of the money comes from the TV licence with a small but growing fraction coming from BBC's Commercial businesses. This is set to grow as the current government has already committed to freezing the TV licence fee for the next six years at £145.50 AND force the BBC to foot the cost of running BBC world service

Finding money elsewhere appears to be one of BBC's main priorities now and BBC Worldwide could go a long way to achieve just that; it would therefore not be surprising that Bennett becomes the first CEO of a spun-off BBC Worldwide and that an International, paid for iPlayer on iPad, its first major success.