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Google Chrome Marketshare Rise In November

More people are adopting Google Chrome as their main browser as the latest monthly survey by Net Applications shows.

One in every eleven browsers used worldwide is a Chrome or Chrome based browser (either Chromium, Rockmelt or similar) and Chrome gained 0.78 per cent (or 10 per cent of its market share in November).

The other big winner was Apple's Safari which was up 0.22 per cent last month. Both Opera and Firefox lost shares, albeit 0.15 points when lumped together.

This means that Internet Explorer was the one who lost the most shares in November. Currently standing at 58.26 per cent, IE8 now accounts for 32.75 per cent, nearly a third of the global browser market.

IE6 portion dropped to under 14 per cent while IE7 now commands the same market size as Chrome at 9.5 per cent. Both browsers lost 1.77 per cent altogether while IE8 gained 3.74 percent.

As for IE9, which is still in Beta, it occupies 0.38 per cent of the market, a 33 per cent rise on the previous month, one which was fuelled by a more frequent build release cycle.

Chrome is likely to surge past the 10 per cent mark by next month while its presence on Mac and Linux continues to grow significantly.