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Google reader arrives on Android

Google's own tool for reading RSS feeds from many websites is now available, for their own Android mobile phone operating system.

It's taken sometime for the webfeed aggregator to be ported across to Android, where it now joins the Google and iGoogle website version, Firefox and also one for the Wii.

The Google Reader app for Android allows for the synchronisation of reading lists with the desktop browser version, where the user can read on the mobile whatever they read online without having to re-enter favourites all over again.

The Android application supports unread article counts, sharing, liking, and starring - with multiple account access and full subscription features, along with the ability to search from the handset.

Google's Reader app also makes use of the phone's volume-key, for navigating to the next and previous feeds where a long-press on the folder brings up a menu for unsubscribing to feeds - with the menu key allowing for sending the links to any 3rd party apps.

The offline reading feature that's a part of the browser hasn't been brought across, nor has the auto-refresh whenever opening the app up again and a widget hasn't been provided either for the phone's home screen.

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