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Google Tweaks Algorithm To Halt Unscrupulous Merchants

Google has tweaked its search engine algorithm to prevent online merchants, who provide poor services to their customers, from getting a high ranking in Google search results.

In a blog post, Google Fellow Amit Singhal said that if a business now receives bad publicity owning to the online complaints registered against it, then its search ranking will automatically fall. This move is to prevent unscrupulous merchants from getting a high search ranking because of the number of complaints filed against them.

Google's announced comes after The New York Times reported the disturbing ordeal of Clarabelle Rodriguez.

Roriguez purchased a pair of glasses and contact lenses from DecorMyEyes, a business which sells glasses online. When she tried to return the glasses, the owner bullied her with an aggressive email and phone harassment campaign. The owner of the business claimed that the subsequent complaints posted by the customers online resulted in a higher ranking for his website on Google.

Singhal wrote on the Google blog that: “We were horrified to read about Ms. Rodriguez’s dreadful experience. Even though our initial analysis pointed to this being an edge case and not a widespread problem in our search results, we immediately convened a team that looked carefully at the issue”.