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Half Of Xbox Live Subscribers Have Gold Account

Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Division CEO Dennis Durkin told an audience at a Technology Conference organised by Credit Suisse Group that half of the estimated 25 million Xbox live users pay for their Gold membership. reported Durkin saying that 2010 has been a milestone year for the Xbox business with the Kinect being the cherry on the cake having sold more than 2.5 million units already.

Each of them log on average three hours daily to play games and do other online activities and altogether, Xbox live players logged a whopping one billion hours doing things online in October 2010.

On average, each of them pay $60 per year with prices having risen at the beginning of November in the US and in Canada while staying the same in the UK.

Latest numbers show that there are around 42 million Xbox 360 consoles worldwide and this number may be on the verge of hitting 50 million given the aggressive marketing campaign that Microsoft has built around the launch of the Kinect.

Furthermore, the number of Xbox Live Gold members is expected to shot up as nine more countries have been added to the 35 existing ones where the serivce is live.