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HP Drops Windows Home Server

Hewlett Packard is to stop producing products based on Microsoft's Windows Home Server software in order to focus more on web OS devices.

According to technology blog We Got Served, the company has decided to drop its HP MediaSmart server range.

The Inquirer also informs that HP has signed a deal with Data Robotics to sell its Drobo Network Attached Security (NAS) box. The Inquirer speculates that HP will sell other manufacturers NAS boxes instead of building its own.

Microsoft reacted to the news by claiming that HP's move has not been prompted by its plans to launch the Windows Home Server platform Vail.

Microsoft said of the development that: “This news is in no way related to recent announcements about feature changes in Windows Home Server “Vail.” Microsoft continues to work on delivering ”Vail” to our customers. We are working very closely with our partners such as Acer, Tranquil and many System Builders to bring the best solution to market”.