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Study Reveals Gender Differences In Mobile OS Preferences

A recent study conducted by research firm Nielson has revealed that women prefer Apple's iOS while men tend to favour for Google's Android platform.

The research, conducted in October this year, found that 31 per cent of women chose iOS for their next smartphone purchase, while only 22.8 per cent opted for an Android smartphone.

Men on the other hand tended to prefer Android devices, with 32.6 per cent deciding to purchase an Android handset for their next smartphone purchase, while 28.6 per cent opted for iOS.

According to the survey, Apple and Research in Motion (RIM) are head-to-head in terms of market share, with both of them earning a share of just over 27 per cent each. Android however only garnered a market share of 22 per cent, although is the fastest growing mobile OS.

Both Android and Apple were the most popular operating systems around, as the iOS platform was desired by 35 per cent of all the respondents, while 28 per cent of people wanted an Android device.