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UK Citizens Are Fastest Adopters Of New Technology In Europe

A newly released report, prepared by UK media regulator Ofcom states that people in the UK are the fastest adopters of new technology and spend more online than any European country.

In its International Communications Market Report 2010, Ofcom said that the UK had the fastest growth in smartphone take-up than any other European country, with smartphone subscriptions rising by 70 per cent between January 2009 and 2010.

According to The Guardian, Ofcom conducted a study into the usage of mobile phones, TV, broadband and landlines across 17 countries.

The study found that in UK, US, Germany, France, Japan, Italy and Spain, that there are fewer fixed lines for voice calls and more mobile connections.

The regulator also added that the UK had the maximum number of people accessing social networking platforms from their mobile devices.

An Ofcom representative said in a statement that: “The internet is changing people's habits, not just in social networking, they are using the internet as a way of transacting. UK consumers are making more purchases and shopping on the internet more than any other country.”