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UK Households Have Embraced HDTV Says Ofcom

A higher proportion of UK consumers have adopted HD ready television sets than anywhere in the world according to the latest annual International Communications Market report published by Ofcom and looking at 17 countries in all.

According to the document, 59 per cent of UK households have HD ready sets ahead of the US with 57 per cent. All HD TV sets come with at least one HDMI ports and in most cases free digital TV services like Freeview, Freeview HD, Freesat or Freesat HD.

Paradoxically, the take-up of HDTV services is lower in the UK than in other countries despite the fact that UK leads the way when it comes to digital TV. In other words, there's not enough HD content since UK only have a handful of freely available TV channels to watch.

UK has only 50 HD channels and only 13 per cent of households have access to these. Ofcom also found out that 44 per cent of households in the US have HDTV services with access to a whopping 404 HD channels, more than three times second-placed Japan.

Interestingly, we're a bit surprised that the adoption of HD ready sets is not significantly higher than that given the overwhelming majority of non HD ready television sets are quasi-obsolete CRT models.