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Xbox Live Offers Microsoft Point Rewards On Marketplace Purchases

Microsoft has rolled out an Xbox Live Rewards program, which allows gamers to earn Microsoft Points by purchasing content on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

As the moment the deal is limited to the UK and US, although both Silver and Gold Xbox Live Members in these countries can participate in the program.

According to the Xbox Live Rewards website, Gold members will be able to earn 10 points by renewing their monthly membership, a three month subscription renewal will result in 30 points, while an annual subscription will earn 200 points.

Gamers will be awarded 400 points for purchasing or renewing their Xbox Live Gold Family Pack, while making a first purchase on the Marketplace will let users earn a hundred points.

Each user can earn up to a maximum 15,000 points from the deal.

T3 also reports that members will also be to earn points by taking surveys, as well as gaining the chance to win prizes during promotions.