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Amazon Says Wikileaks Violated Terms Of Service

Amazon has claimed that it did not kick WikiLeaks from its server because of US governmental pressure.

Instead, the company has said that Wikileaks violated its Terms of Service, resulting in its removal from Amazon's EC2 server.

Wikileaks had decided to move to Amazon's servers after suffering from a series of crippling denial of service attacks. However, a few days later, Amazon ousted the controversial whistleblowing website from its servers.

It was rumoured that the government had forced Amazon to stop hosting the website in the wake of Wikileaks releasing 250,000 confidential cables sent between Washington and US embassies.

“When companies or people go about securing and storing large quantities of data that isn’t rightfully theirs, and publishing this data without ensuring it won’t injure others, it’s a violation of our terms of service, and folks need to go operate elsewhere,” Amazon said in a statement.

In response, Wikileaks tweeted: "If Amazon are so uncomfortable with the First Amendment, they should get out of the business of selling books."