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Anti-Virus Companies Actively Cheating Customers Over Subscriptions

Two leading anti-virus companies have been accused of cheating their customers by shortening their software subscriptions.

According to a report published by consumer magazine Which?, anti-virus companies AVG and Symantec, were revealed to be clearly ripping customers off by offering discounts on new subscriptions but then cutting existing ones short.

Most customers were not made aware of this fact, even as these two companies profited from the deception.

Matt Bath, the editor of Which?, told PC Pro that AVG and Symantec were the only two companies that have been mistreating their loyal customers in this manner.

“We looked at all of the major software vendors, including BitDefender and McAfee, and none of them are doing this. Lots of others, such as Panda and McAfee, when you upgrade to a new subscription, will extend your current subscription,” he said.