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Chrome browser to run Flash Player in a sandbox

Google's open source browser Chrome will run Flssh Player within a sandbox according to a post on the project's official blog.

Developers at the Chromium Project have apparently been working closely with Adobe to allow the media-playing plug-in to sit within Chrome's (more) secure sandbox alongside HTML rendering and Java execution.

Yesterday saw the roll out of the Flash Player sandbox to developers working on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 versions of the browser.

"This initial Flash Player sandbox is an important milestone in making Chrome even safer," wrote Google software engineers Justin Schuh and Carlos Pizano. "In particular, users of Windows XP will see a major security benefit, as Chrome is currently the only browser on the XP platform that runs Flash Player in a sandbox."

Placing sensitive parts of an application's code in a sandbox goes some way to preventing malicious attacks whilst the rest of the application goes about its business unfettered.

"While we’ve laid a tremendous amount of groundwork in this initial sandbox, there’s still more work to be done," say the Google duo. "We’re working to improve protection against additional attack vectors, and will be using this initial effort to provide fully sandboxed implementations of the Flash Player on all platforms."

The outfit says it will be posting updates as it continues to work with Adobe, and that developers will be notified of new releases via the normal channels. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.