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Google Beefs Up Online Copyright Policing

Google has vowed to fight against online piracy by improving its responses to copyright claims and prevent websites that promote piracy from profiting from its advertising services.

In a blog post on the Google Public Policy page, the company said that it has devised improved methods to tackle online piracy and copyright infringement on the web.

The company has reduced its Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DVCA) take down request response time to 24 hours. The search giant also stated that it would develop tools that would allow rights holders to submit their take down requests to Google more swiftly.

Google will additionally improve 'counter notice' tools for people who believe that their content was wrongly removed and enable public searching of take down requests.

The company will also tweak its Autocomplete function so that it won't suggest websites that are related to online piracy. Google will also disallow websites with copyright infringing content to participate in its AdSense online advertisement program.

Google said in the blog post: “As the web has grown, we have seen a growing number of issues relating to infringing content. We respond expeditiously to requests to remove such content from our services, and have been improving our procedures over time”.