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Google Found Guilty Of Trespassing In Street View Case, Fined $1

Google has been found guilty of trespassing on private property whilst taking images for its Street View service.

Two years ago, Aaron and Christine Boring of Pennsylvania sued Google for taking a picture of their house whilst on their driveway, which is classified as private property.

According to The Telegraph, the case, in which Google was accused of breaching privacy, trespassing, negligence, and unjust enrichment, was dismissed by a Pennsylvania district judge, who ruled that the couple had not provided sufficient proof on how Google had caused them distress.

The case was later reopened, but this time the Borings were allowed to proceed with the charge of trespass. The trial found that Google had knowingly trespassed onto private property and agreed to pay compensation of $1.

Gregg Zegarelli, the couple's lawyer said: “This is about right and wrong. Maybe my client and I are hopeless romantics, but I suppose some people said the same thing in 1950 about a male executive calling female staff 'sweetie/honey,' or African Americans just sitting a few seats farther in the back of the bus”.