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Google Sandboxes Adobe Flash In Chrome

Google has introduced a sandbox version of Adobe's Flash Player in order to protect users from Flash-based attacks.

According to tech news site Computer World, Google has been working with Adobe to transfer Flash Player to the sandbox that comes with Google's Chrome web user.

Users, especially those with PCs running Windows XP OS, have been facing a number of security threats through holes found in Adobe's Flash Player. The move is set to help protect them from potential attacks exploiting those vulnerabilities by containing the platform in a sandbox and not on the system.

The Windows version of the Chrome web browser with the sandboxed Flash Player is already available for developers, with the public version in the works as well.

Peleus Uhley, Adobe's platform security strategist, said in a statement: “The interfaces to open-source browsers are completely different from, say, Internet Explorer, and we had to restructure Flash Player to put it in a sandbox.”