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News@10: Firms Urge Vaizey To Safeguard Net Neutrality, Ofcom Predicts End Of Fixed TV Schedules & Google

Major technology firms have urged communications minister Ed Vaizey to lay down the ground rules for net neutrality in the UK. In an open letter, technology firms and a number of influential venture capitalist firms, have pressured the government to form a set of laws that safeguard the concept of net neutrality in the UK.

Watching predetermined, fixed television schedule might be disappearing as a trend according to Ofcom’s fifth International Communications Market report as other technologies fragment the TV market.

Google intervened very rapidly in the My Decor Eyes debacle, a site that actively seeked negative advertisement because it managed to use Google's algorithm to its own advantage. It based its whole search strategy on the fact that negative reviews attracted direct links which in turn brought in more traffic.

Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Division CEO Dennis Durkin told an audience at a Technology Conference organised by Credit Suisse Group that half of the estimated 25 million Xbox live users pay for their Gold membership.

Over the past week, we've been feverishly trying to find out where we could buy the Kinect for Xbox 360, one of the hottest gadgets around, for as cheap as possible and we managed to get one for as little as £116, a price that required some legwork though, literally.