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News@5:Guardian Reveals Subscriber iPhone App, Google fined $1 & WikiLeaks

The Guardian has revealed the details of its upcoming paid-for iPhone app ahead of an Apple event, in which the company is expected to announce several subscription-based apps. The news publication also released a final update to its existing iPhone app

Google has been found guilty of trespassing on private property whilst taking images for its Street View service. Two years ago, Aaron and Christine Boring of Pennsylvania sued Google for taking a picture of their house whilst on their driveway, which is classified as private property.

A US-based domain name service provider, has forced WikiLeaks to change its address after the controversial website was hit by a barrage of cyber attacks. Soon after the ousting, WikiLeaks resurfaced using a Swiss web address, in the form of an internet protocol (IP) number.

Oscar winning actress Dame Helen Mirren has voiced her approval of a new study, which will study the benefits of using Nintendo's Wii for treating patients with Parkinson's disease.

Amazon has slashed the price of the 12-month Xbox Live Gold membership card for the Xbox 360 gaming console, down to a rather incredible £29.97 including delivery. Not only is it a full £10 cheaper than the suggested retail price but it is also (slightly) cheaper than its buying price in the US which stands at $44.96.