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Ofcom Report Hints At Death Of Traditional Television

Watching predetermined, fixed television schedule might be disappearing as a trend according to Ofcom’s fifth International Communications Market report as other technologies fragment the TV market.

The United Kingdom currently has the second highest number of households that have paid-for digital video recorders like Sky+ or V+ boxes with an estimated 7.8 million devices, up from 5.8 million a year before.

The report did not account for Freeview or Freesat DVRs as well as their HD counterparts which would have added a few more millions.

Ofcom's paper also highlighted the fact that almost a quarter of UK consumers now watch TV on the internet every week, more than any of the other 16 countries involved in the survey. An additional 20 per cent said that they had viewed TV content on the internet at least once before.

The information coincides with the survey MSN UK carried out on a sample of more than 100.000 UK citizens, one which found out that a quarter thought that traditional TV would be replaced by Internet viewing.

Interestingly, the high uptake of online content consumption is due mainly to the thriving video on demand market in the UK rather than down to broadband availability or speed.