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Republicans Against FTC's 'Do Not Track' Web Plan

The US Federal Trade Commission's plan to implement a 'Do Not Track' feature on the web for protecting user privacy has been opposed by the Republican party who believe that it could prevent innovation.

The 'Do No Track' option proposed by the FTC will allow US web users to block online advertisers and data mining companies from tracking their web activity for targeted advertising.

According to Reuters, the Republicans, who will control the House of Representatives from January, took the idea "coolly", claiming that the move will affect the booming advertisement market and hinder innovation.

The proposal has received mixed reviews from US law makers. Some believe that such a measure would affect the recovering economy while others claim that users should be given a right to protect their privacy online.

Daniel Weitzner of the Commerce Department, told Reuters: “Internet users have been given more and more control ... and advertiser revenue has not gone down. It's a mistake to assume that giving people more control means a reduction in advertising revenue."