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Spotify Unleashed Major Android App Update

Spotify has announced the release of a new version of its app for the Android platform, one which includes a number of updates aimed at satisfying the growing number of Spotify users on the mobile OS.

The update, which is already available on Android market, includes a wider variety of devices like the ZTE Blade (Orange San Francisco), the latest HTC Desire, three new Motorola handsets (but no Droid it seems) and the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet.

The new version now has completely new graphics which have been redone in high definition to accommodate for the surge in WVGA capable smartphones on the market.

Spotify also says that the app will support "almost" any screen resolution, rotation and pixel density which for Android means anything from QVGA (320x240) to WSVGA (1024x600 pixels).

Developers have been able to squeeze out extra performance using several techniques and improved detection of network connection with faster re connections.

The application is free for download but can only be used by premium users who have to fork out £9.99 per month to get it.

Spotify is compatible with all major mobile platforms; iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian and Palm although there are rumours that a separate iPad version is in the pipeline.