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Tech Firms Urge Vaizey To Safeguard Net Neutrality

Major technology firms have urged communications minister Ed Vaizey to lay down the ground rules for net neutrality in the UK.

In an open letter, technology firms and a number of influential venture capitalist firms, have pressured the government to form a set of laws that safeguard the concept of net neutrality in the UK.

The petition has been signed by 19 major technology and VC firms, including Yahoo, eBay, Skype, we7, The Filter, Truphone, Open Rights Group, Which?, Eden Ventures and Ariadne Capital.

The organisations call on Vaizey to form concrete net neutrality laws that would prevent cable companies and ISPs from prioritising access to certain services on the web and stop them from discriminating against different web services.

“The internet should remain open so that everyone is able to send and receive the content, use the services and run the application of their choice, on the device of their choice, within the law,” the letter stated.