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Three unveils Apple iPad costs and tariff

Three has announced their cost of the iPad along with the price of the plan supporting the device, which start at the same £199 cost as Orange and T-Mobile – only with a much higher data allowance and is available now.

Three has followed on T-Mobile and Oranges’ announcements earlier in the week, where they have now unveiled their Apple iPad costs and tariff details – with the 16GB version retailing for £199, the 32GB for £249 and the 64GB costing £349, which is the same for all three of the mobile phone networks.

The price of the Three contract is just £25 for all customers, which is accompanied by a 15GB data allowance – where Orange and T-Mobile are only including 1GB of anytime use, 1GB off-peak and 3GB of BT Openzone WIFI access.

Three also offer one-month rolling contracts, at £7.50 for 1GB and 10GB being priced at £15 – with the pay as you go deals are coming in at £10 for 1GB and £20 for 3GB and the iPad purchased separately.

Apple’s iPad has a 9.7-inch 1024×786 resolution touch screen, which runs a similar operating system found on the iPhone handsets. The tablet computer arrives running a 1Ghz processor, with both WIFI and 3G connectivity.

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