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Weekly Review - 3rd December

This week began with One Mobile Ring reporting that Vodafone has updated their roaming plans, whilst Orange and T-Mobile unveiled their iPad costs and tariffs. HTC Desire Z arrived on a contract with Vodafone, where a new version of the Samsung Galaxy S is due soon and One Mobile Ring published the November Monthly Review of the happenings in the mobile world.

Midweek, we produced unboxing images of the HTC Windows Phone 7 HD 7, where a keyboard in a case for the iPhone 4 came out and we published our initial thoughts on the LG Optimus One.

Towards the end of the week Google's reader arrived on Android, Three updated their pay as you go calling costs and the same network unveiled the Apple iPad costs and tariff details.


The biggest news story of the week came when Orange, T-Mobile and Three all announced their prices and tariff details for carrying the Apple iPad.

Orange and T-Mobile unveil their iPad costs and contract prices at the start of the week, with the Apple tablet device starting at the subsidised cost of £199.

T-Mobile and Orange will be carrying the Apple tablet product, with the 16GB version retailing for £199, the 32GB for £249 and the 64GB costing £349 with the two networks.

The Orange tariff prices are £25 for existing customers or £27 for new, which is accompanied by a 1GB data allowance that can be used at any time and another 1GB for use between midnight and 4pm - with 3GB for use with BT Openzone WIFI.

The T-Mobile plans cost the same and also on a 24-month tariff, within the same structure although there's no BT Openzone WIFI access and the off -peak use is between midnight and 10am.

Three announced their cost of the iPad along with the price of the plans at the end of the week, which start at the same £199 cost as Orange and T-Mobile - only with a much higher data allowance and is available now.

Three has followed on T-Mobile and Oranges' announcement earlier in the week, where they too are retailing the 16GB version for £199, the 32GB for £249 and the 64GB costing £349.

The price of the Three contract is just £25 for all customers, which is accompanied by a 15GB data allowance - where Orange and T-Mobile are only including 1GB of anytime use, 1GB off-peak and 3GB of BT Openzone WIFI access.

Three also offer one-month rolling contracts, at £7.50 for 1GB and 10GB being priced at £15 - with the pay as you go deals are coming in at £10 for 1GB and £20 for 3GB and the iPad purchased separately.


Samsung has announced a partnership with Giorgio Armani, to create a limited edition of a new Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone.

The special version of the Samsung flagship Android handset arrives with a different outer casing and chassis, only with the same internals and specifications of the original Samsung Galaxy S.

Giorgio Armani's Samsung Galaxy S has an exclusive Armani-patterned back metal cover, in a much squarer chassis where the first Galaxy S had rounded edges and the distinct look of an iPhone 3G - where this model doesn't have the same outward appearance.

The Giorgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S model will be exclusive to Phones4U when it arrives in January, although the model can be purchased through Giorgio Armani boutiques and there's been no cost announced as yet.


Three has updated International calling costs on prepay tariffs, by offering cheaper prices for dialling phone numbers outside of the UK.

Prepay customers can now call 25 countries for as little as 2p per minute, with that number directly relating to Poland and Ireland.

Three's pay as you go customers need to dial a prefix, before dialling the actual phone number in order to obtain these new low-cost call rates.

Calling Australian, Canadian, Chinese, French, German, Indian, Italian, Spanish and American landlines now only costs 3p per minute with Three - with Canadian, Chinese, Indian and America mobile phones numbers match that same cost too.


Vodafone unveiled they are now carrying the HTC Android Qwerty keyboard based Desire Z free on a tariff, starting from £35 a month.

The UK version of the America T-Mobile G2 can only be found on Vodafone, where the HTC Desire Z arrives with Android 2.2, the HTC Sense overlay with a 3.7-inch multi-touch screen, a slide out Qwerty keyboard and is powered by a 800Mhz Qualcomm 7230 processor.

The HTC Desire Z arrives on Vodafone on a £35 a month contract over 24months, which is accompanied by 900 minutes, an unlimited text message bundle and a 500MB data allowance. The phone is also available with Vodafone on a £25 a month contract, only with a cost attached of £199 and for £30 with the price of HTC Desire Z's coming in at £99.

Vodafone also announced this week new data charges and allowances for travelling in and around Europe, for all customers on their network.

Vodafone is offering 25MB a day on their Data Traveller deal, where their customers can either pay £10 a month or £2 a day for internet access outside of the UK.

Vodafone customers that are currently on £40 or above tariffs that already benefit from a 5MB daily data allowance whilst roaming out of the UK, will be automatically upgraded to the 25MB.

The 25MB allowance relates to Austria, Hungary, Romania, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, France, Malta, Germany, Netherlands, Greece and Portugal.

This new plan from Vodafone is around 60-percent less than previous plans along with having a substantial increase in the allowance, where One Mobile Ring believes other networks will soon follow suit.


Gadget specialists Brando brought out this week an iPhone 4 case, with a Bluetooth keyboard for just £25.

The case enables the iPhone 4 to now have a physical keyboard, in much the same way as the Nokia E7 or Motorola Milestone 2 - only with the ability to revert back to be used solely as a touch screen device, when removed from the holder.

Brando's iPhone 4 case with a keyboard offers up 49 keys in its mini format, which matches the size of the iPhone's dimensions and connects over Bluetooth 2.0

The leather case itself is stylish, in a slim line form factor that doesn't appear to be all that bulky - compared to others seen around today.

Apple won't be manufacturing an iPhone with a keyboard anytime soon, where this solution could be the perfect choice for adding a Qwerty keyboard to the handset.


This week One Mobile Ring published our Monthly Review of the happenings in the mobile world during November, which can be found here and we also printed our initial thoughts of the budget LG Optimus One here and we a walkthrough and unboxing of the HTC Windows Phone 7 HD 7 here.

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