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BT Lays Foundation For 1Gbps Broadband

Telecommunications Giant announced this morning that it will test a one Gigabit broadband connection in Suffolk as part of its plan to roll out super fast broadband across the country.

The trial in Kesgrave, Suffolk is seen by many as being purely academic since it is unlikely that it would be available in the next few years and relies on FTTH (Fibre to the Home) technology.

The latter is more common in densely populated countries like South Korea or Japan where very high speed broadband services are pretty much the norm.

However in countries like UK, ISPs have to rely more on FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) which is cheaper and faster to roll out but generally produces much slower speeds.

BT revealed that the trials - which apparently deliver up to 400Mbps upstream - would be a prelude to a 100Mbps service that it is planning to offer in the future.

The announcement comes as Ofcom published a document yesterday where it revealed that less than one per cent of UK households in the country have access to super-fast broadband, speeds above ADSL 2+ (24mbps).

Cynics will point out that Virgin Media has already confirmed that it will imminently release a 100Mbps broadband service for around £40 per month, with its 50Mbps costing £5 less on average.

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