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LG announces thinnest LCD panel yet

LG has paper-launched what it’s claiming is the world’s slimmest LCD, a 7.2-mm thick (almost a quarter-inch) TN panel with a 2ms response time.

The previous record-holder, we reckon, was AOC’s Razor line of LCDs, that were 12.9mm (half-an-inch) thin.

The new record-holder, the outrageously slim LG e2290v is a 21.5-inch full HD (16:9) LED-backlit panel which relies on looks rather than its limited number of features to reel in the buyer. In fact, being slim is just about it’s only noteworthy feature. The limited viewing angle (160/170 degrees, 1000:1 contrast ratio and low brightness (250cd/m2) will only be slightly offset by the e2290v brushed aluminium looks.

Connectivity-wise it can be hooked up to VGA, DVI-I and HDMI connections which is actually located at the base of the monitor, not on the back of the frame. The new LG kit will be officially unveiled at CES 2011 in Vegas and so far it’s expected to carry a €329 (£270) price tag, which is a considerable premium over standard 21.5-inch kit.

Of course the fact that this LCD will only make it to market after CES gives the competition some time to come up with their own contenders and overshadow LG’s own achievement.