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War Against Piracy, DecorMyEyes, Foundem : Google Is New "Mr Nasty"

The last few days have been a revelation for those who follow Google as the internet giant takes its motto "Don't be Evil" for a spin as it takes on the European Commission, Pirates as well as dodgy online retailers.

Google announced a few hours ago that it would actively disallow alleged copyright violators to use its advertising solution, AdSense, which displays adverts next to the sacrosanct SERP.

Cnet is reporting that Google gave a suite of antipiracy tools to the Recording Industry Association Of America for free, the equivalent of giving a giant fly swat to the guys sitting atop of the entertainment industry.

Google also said that it will be preventing terms associated with piracy form appearing in autocomplete. We're not sure what it means in practice because autocomplete (in Google Instant) worked perfectly well for Inception, The Town as well as The Flood, keywords which brought up the words "torrent" and "download".

More worryingly though, Google says that it will kick out the bad apples, those who infringe on copyright and make "authorised preview content more readily accessible in search results" and will "be looking at ways to make this content easier to index and find".

In other words, if a website provides copyright content, it may be more readily demoted than one which doesn't, even if that site displays Google adverts and uses Youtube as a distributing platform.

It seems that dropping advertising rates has finally convinced Google that the risks are too big when faced with the big guns of the MPAA and the RIAA, especially with Google TV at stake.