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Guardian Hints At Crucial iOS 4.3 Feature With Subscription Announcement

UK-based newspaper Guardian has probably revealed the most important feature to be announced at the event to be hosted by Apple on the 9th of December, that iOS 4.3 will make subscription-based applications mainstream.

The Guardian confirmed that it will be selling the app for £3.99 for an annual subscription and £2.99 for six months by the end of the year and since this feature has yet to be released, it's only logical to assume that the next version of iOS should be out by next year.

Another big newspaper in the UK, the Dailymail, has announced similar plans and will be charging £4.99 for six months and £8.99 for one year.

Unlike the Guardian however, the App, which is already available here will be free for the initial 60 days.

More than 200,000 people have downloaded the Guardian iPhone app, however, it would not be surprising if many would just give it up if it turned into a paid for application.

The Guardian has confirmed that the current version will not be turned off immediately but will not be updated. This is particularly true given that the mobile version of the Guardian is still free unlike the Times and the NOTW.