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iPad Surpasses iPhone 4 As UK's Most Searched Apple Product

The iPad pulled ahead of the company's iPhone 4 as the most searched product on Google from Apple, with a search volume index higher than the value of the iPod Touch, the iPod Nano, the iMac and the Macbook Pro put together.

Given that the bulk of search queries in the UK are carried out on Google, the data provides with an interesting insight into the nation's search habits. Interestingly, searches for the iPad surpassed that of the iPhone 4 in November and has been rising ever since.

Furthermore, the results confirm several recent surveys that put the Apple iPad at the top of many gift lists.

Vouchercodes for example found out back in November that more than a third of respondents to its survey wanted the Apple iPad for Christmas ahead of the iPhone 4 which got just over a quarter of votes.

The fact that several mobile phone operators have introduced contracts for the iPad will encourage customers to search for cheaper packages out there and keep the iPad's lead as the top Apple product in search queries.