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Why You Should Buy The Apple iPad Deal From Three UK (Hint : Mobile Broadband)

Three UK, the smallest of the mobile phone carriers in the UK, announced its Apple iPad plan on Friday, one which costs £25 per month with an initial outlay of £199.

But here's the deal, given that 3 UK sells the iPad 3G 16GB on PAYG for £529, the total cost of the mobile broadband package is £270.

In other words, you end up paying £11.25 per month for 15GB worth of data allowance, which is by far the cheapest cost per GB in the UK and a full 25 per cent less than Three UK's own 15GB package.

All other mobile operators offer up to 5GB per month which means that if you are frequently out and about and are a heavy data consumer, 3 UK is your only option.

Buy the iPad plan from 3 UK, sell the Apple tablet for at least £439 to be quids in (that's £90 less than the retail price) and keep the SIM that you can then use either in a free dongle or in another device.

The other option is of course to get a Mi-Fi PAYG device from 3 UK for £60 and swap SIM cards as and when you need it.

Using a Mi-Fi device means that you will be able to use other devices to connect to the internet as well.