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Apple Adds To Patent Suit Against Motorola

Apple has added 12 more patents to its lawsuit against rival smartphone manufacturer Motorola, taking the total number of alleged infringements up to 24.

Motorola, which initiated the dispute in October, currently claims that Apple has infringed on 18 of its patents.

The International Trade Commission announced last week that it is set to launch a formal investigation into Apple's complaint against Motorola.

According to Apple Insider, Apple's recent additions could be sparked from Motorola's declaratory judgement, which looked to bar Apple from using any of the 11 patents it had used against HTC in an earlier lawsuit. Apple has asked the court to either dismiss or move the Motorola's case against Apple to Wisconsin, where Apple's case against Motorola was originally filed.

Apple has hired America's top patent litigation experts to deal with the upcoming legal battles, most particularly for the ITC hearing against Motorola.

The Cupertino-based company has since become the most sued company in the world, with a total of 27 lawsuits filed against Apple in 2009 alone.