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Facebook Child Abuse Campaign Has Users Scratching Their Heads

A campaign currently taking place on Facebook is aiming to increase awareness in child abuse by urging users to change their profile photos to their favourite cartoon character.

The campaign, which has around 90,000 followers, has no connection with any charity that supports its cause nor is focused upon collecting donations.

According to The Metro (opens in new tab), the NSPCC has declared that it has nothing to do with the campaign but has welcomed the effort to raise awareness about child abuse.

People are perplexed, however, as to how changing a profile picture to that of a cartoon character could even remotely curb the rampant child abuse happening the world over.

There is no denying that the campaign has gathered a massive following. According to The LA Times (opens in new tab), 20 per cent of all searches made on Google on Saturday were about 'old cartoons'. Some of the most popular cartoons appearing on profile pages include He-Man, Garfield and The Simpsons. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.